Harvey, reaver of souls. (soul_pimp) wrote,
Harvey, reaver of souls.

Go Weeeeeeeeeest!

I was clearly a bit hasty in my last post.

The room fell through, as most things that might improve my current situation tend to do... and when questioned about Europe my two friends went "oh... we... were a bit drunk."


It's seems Scarborough has me once more. I'm currently looking for work here, which is challenging as I have no skills in baby making, drug dealing, or sand sculpting. The Europe trip is off, or postponed until I can find some other like minded folks to come with me...

However, from the dust and the annoyance, a new plan is born.

Early next year I want (WANT) to travel the states with a large rucksack and train / bus my way around for a while. I know a fair few people over there so I'm hoping to plan my trip according to where people live.

So if you live in the States, if you think you think you'd like to see me, maybe you could hire... The Jay Team.

But no, seriously. If you think you could put me up for a day or two, let me know where you are and I'll put you on my map and see if I can make it happen!
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So are you no longer interested in our room? Did I put you off by saying that one of the cats was quite angry?
Sorry! I'm zooming back and forth like a... busy thing at the moment and totally forgot to reply to you!

I'd LOVE that room. To live with like minded people my age in York would be bliss... but it's too many months away. I can't keep commuting to work for £6 an hour, and can't stay at my parents for four months, so I've surrendered to the fact I'm stuck in Scarborough.



Um...DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK?!? I'll be in Ye Olde Mountains of Colorado until next fall (assuming I get into grad school...fingers crossed), so you can definitely crash there. If it turns out to be after I leave, that will work too, I just don't know where I'll leave to yet.