Harvey, reaver of souls. (soul_pimp) wrote,
Harvey, reaver of souls.

The Bard of the Missing FireWire.

Apparently it's not possible to import video through USB... only firewire.

"That's not an issue..." I thought to myself, as I had very clearly told the nice man I bought this laptop from that the machine I bought MUST have firewire on it.

This laptop does not have firewire. I've only just acquired a camcorder so I never even looked for the port until today.

Shafted. I need to start uploading videos for my immense listy quest soon, and I can't get the video off the tapes. Bwah.
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So, your camcorder has no USB socket? Only Firewire? How odd. (If it DOES have a USB socket, you have to ask yourself what it is for if it isn't for moving video data.)

And your laptop has no Firewire? Firewire masquerades under other names: IEEE 1394, i.Link and and Lynx are all synonyms for Firewire. Does it have any of those?

It's only digital data, so there might be Firewire to USB converters out there.
No no... It only has USB. No FireWire.

When I plug my camcorder into the USB port, it does the usual "blomp" and installs fine, but then none of the programs in Windows 7 can find it to import the video.

My Google-Fu has taught me that USB doesn't have the bandwidth to shift video data onto a PC.
Then you have to wonder what the USB port on the camera is actually for then, don't you? I'm guessing that you probably can shift video data over it (what else is it for?) but probably not in real-time. You will probably have to store it as a file on your hard drive before you can do anything sensible.

Wait - your laptop does have USB 2.0 doesn't it? Not just USB 1.1? You will have a world of pain if it's only USB 1.1.


August 11 2009, 02:42:47 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 11 2009, 02:44:48 UTC

Does sound like you need Windows 7 drivers for your camcorder, though. Go to the camcorder manufacturer's website and look for downloads.

It's a bit optimistic to expect older third-party stuff to work with Windows 7 at this early stage. Few things will, but if your camcorder manufacturer is on the ball they should have a driver ready for you to download.

I read your post wrong.

The camcorder has USB and FireWire, but the laptop only has USB.