Harvey, reaver of souls. (soul_pimp) wrote,
Harvey, reaver of souls.

Who Watches The Watchmen? Me!

I pity Zach Snyder, I really do.

Here we have a director who was destined to suffer the wrath of the world regardless of the end quality of this film. One the one hand, we have the whiny little morons who inhabit internet forums moaning that Hollis Masons belt wasn't the same colour as it is in the graphic novel, and on the other we have typical cinema goers moaning that it "wasn't as good as the Dark Knight."

I think it's sad that this genre-breaking film will be held up in comparison to the recent barrowful of lacklustre "superhero" movies that have saturated our screens over the last decade. This has more in common with Citizen Kane or Blade Runner than Spiderman or The X-Men.

Watchman is about the characters. Lots of characters... and each one of these characters is vital to the telling of the story. Now, each one of these characters has a back story which intertwines with the back stories of all the other characters. Then there's the present story, which to understand clearly... you need to be able to understand the back... you get the idea.

On paper, it's a logistical nightmare for a film maker. Even Moore himself refused the notion that his baby could be captured on film. Terry Gilliam tried and failed, along with several other established directors.

The reality is... Snyder made a visually breathtaking film, and managed to tell a complex and moving story in under three hours. His original cut passed the three hour mark, but pressure from the studio forced him to cut and cut and cut, as is always the way.

The opening montage was near perfection. The comedians death was incredible. Where the hell they found the actors that not only played the characters well, but looked as if they had stepped out the page is a feat in itself.

And yes. There was a penis in it. The mindless fucking inbred children that giggled like retarded morons every... single... time... it appeared should be dragged out into the cold, wet street, tossed into the alley behind the cinema and be set upon by wild hounds.
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