Harvey, reaver of souls. (soul_pimp) wrote,
Harvey, reaver of souls.

Interesting Thymes.

After a few days of serious phone calls, favours and blaggingness, I have a plan!

I'll be moving into the house of a friend who was fortunate enough to be rewarded for graduating university with A FUCKING HOUSE. There's a spare room downstairs that was destined to become a dining room, but will instead become the dwelling hole of a Ginger for several months.

Work work work, save save save.

Then I'm off to Europe with a couple of friends in October for four weeks! I'll also be "touring" with my comedy troupe then, but luckily haven't got ANY dates in October, and they're the ones I'm going with. Maybe we can perform for bread or something while we're over there?

Back to York.

Work work work, save save save.

Then in March of 2010 I'm off to New Hampshire to live and work for a couple of months with a guy I met at Uni. We've always talked about me heading over there and now it seems to be a reality!

It's very odd knowing what life has in store for the next twelve months, but also oddly freeing. I foresee lots of board games and bean based meals as I scrape and save every penny.
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Deleted comment

Peterborough, although that doesn't mean a thing to me! :D

Are you still dong the 365 thing while galavanting around the world?!
Yeah, I think I'll do the duller ones in exotic places... like buy a pencil in Borneo or something :D
New Hampshire?!? You couldn't have chosen a US location farther away from me if you'd TRIED (although I suppose Maine IS a bit farther...and Alaska and Hawaii of course...). However, I AM applying to schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut...